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Resources in Technical Communication: Outcomes and Approaches
Edited by Cynthia L. Selfe
Baywood's Technical Communications Series, Series Editor: Charles H. Sides

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Winner! 2007 STC NY Metro Chapter Merit Award Excellence.

"Cynthia Selfe and her colleagues at Michigan Tech offer a rich set of resources, a tech fest for teaching technical communication. The book will be immediately helpful to its target audience, those new to teaching tech writing, but it will also remind veteran teachers of the need to be clear about outcomes, to be versatile and creative in approach, and to be pragmatically and theoretically well informed. The book nicely collects both academic research and prevailing workplace opinion. Sample texts and assignments offer best-in-class teaching materials that can be readily adapted to local classrooms. Baywood Publishing continues to show why it is the leading press for work in technical communication."
—Professor Stephen A. Bernhardt, Chair, Department of English, University of Delaware Kirkpatrick Chair in Writing

"Resources in Technical Communication focuses on outcomes of teaching (what students know and can do) and on rhetorical and sociocultural understanding. These emphases shift the paradigm of pedagogy focused on topics, genres, and skills. The chapters comfortably link knowledge from business and industry with academic research. They offer assignment sequences rather than modular assignments. All of these approaches should encourage a recognition of technical communication as complex intellectual work, engaged and influential in the world’s affairs."
—Dr. Carolyn Rude, Professor and Chair, Virginia Tech

Students in technical communication courses deserve the very best instruction the profession can provide—and so do teachers. Resources in Technical Communication gives instructors of introductory technical communication courses a rich set of creative and carefully crafted resources for their classrooms. The book has four primary goals. First, it provides key performance outcomes around which teachers can structure their courses. Each chapter focuses on one or more outcomes considered important by recognized scholars and experienced teachers of technical communication. Teachers are encouraged to choose a set of outcomes appropriate for their local institution, situation, students, and curricula. Second, the book provides evidence that can be used to shape technical communication classes. It presents arguments made by business and industry leaders to support each chapter's performance outcome. Each chapter also examines these arguments in the context of contemporary academic research in technical communication. Third, each chapter presents an overview of an assignment sequence that will help teachers address the outcome that serves as the focus of that chapter. The overview explains how experienced teachers of technical communication approach and work through the assignment sequence. Finally, the book supplies assignment materials and sample texts for each performance outcome. The chapter appendices contain assignment sheets, activity worksheets, additional materials, and samples of student work that teachers can use in connection with assignments.

INTENDED AUDIENCE: Faculty members, instructors, and graduate students teaching introductory or advanced courses in technical communication at the collegiate level, in two- and four-year institutions; writing program administrators responsible for supervising instructors and adjunct faculty who teach sections of technical communication and faculty responsible for preparing graduate teaching assistants to teach such courses.

Cynthia L. Selfe is Humanities Distinguished Professor in the Department of English at The Ohio State University and is coeditor (with Gail Hawisher) of Computers and Composition: An International Journal. In 1996, Selfe was recognized as an EDUCOM Medal award winner for innovative computer use in higher education-the first woman and the first English teacher to receive this award. In 2000, Selfe, along with long-time collaborator Gail Hawisher, was presented with the Outstanding Technology Innovator award by the Conference on College Composition and Communication (CCCC) Committee on Computers. Selfe has served as chair of the CCCC and chair of the College Section of the National Council of Teachers of English.

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Resources in Technical Communication: Outcomes and Approaches

Editor: Cynthia L. Selfe
Cloth ISBN:
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Page Count: 356
Copyright: 2007

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