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Journal of Workplace Rights
Instructions to Authors
Email manuscript to: Dr. Joel P. Rudin
Editor, Journal of Workplace Rights

Manuscripts: We require one copy attached to the email as an MS-Word document, with everything double spaced, including endnotes and long quotations. Material should be in 12 point type. Paginate consecutively starting with the title page. The article should be introduced by an abstract of 100 to 150 words and the organization of the paper should be indicated by appropriate headings and subheadings.

Originality: Only original articles are accepted for publication. Submission of a manuscript represents certification on the part of the author(s) that the article submitted has not been published elsewhere and is not currently under consideration for publication elsewhere.

Length: Manuscripts should be 25 to 35 pages long, double-spaced, including abstract, all references, tables, and figures. Each table and figure should appear on a separate page.

Headings and subheadings: These should all be in boldface. First-level headings are centered and capitalized. Second-level headings are flush left and the first letter of each word is capitalized. Third-level headings are indented and the first letter of the first word is capitalized.

Footnotes: The use of footnotes should be minimized. If it's worth mentioning, it's worth mentioning in the body of the text.

Editorial Review Process The Editor reads all submissions. If the Editor concludes that there is a high likelihood that reviewers would reject a manuscript, the manuscript is not reviewed. Among the reasons that this could occur are: a) The manuscript is not sufficiently related to the subject of expanding and guaranteeing workplace rights; b) The manuscript is much too short or much too long; c) The manuscript's references are inadequate; d) The manuscript adds little to what is already known about its topic; and e) The manuscript has a boring writing style or is riddled with grammatical errors. The Editor shall strive to share this decision with authors, along with any suggestions for improvement, within one month after a manuscript is submitted to the Journal of Workplace Rights.

When the Editor chooses to send a manuscript out for review, two reviewers are selected by matching the reviewers' interests with the manuscript's subject matter. If neither reviewer recommends that the manuscript be rejected, the Editor will provide the authors with the reviewers' comments and a list of required changes that satisfy the concerns of the reviewers and the Editor. If either reviewer recommends that the manuscript be rejected, the Editor may reject the paper and provide the authors with the reviewers' comments. The Editor shall strive to share reviewers' comments and a list of required changes (if applicable) within three months after a manuscript is submitted to the Journal of Workplace Rights.

If the Editor is satisfied that all required changes have been made, the manuscript is accepted for publication. At this point it is sent to the Managing Editor, whose job is to ensure consistency with the journal's style guide and to spot any deficiencies in spelling, grammar, or writing style. The Managing Editor prints out the paper, marks it up with editorial comments, and mails it to the Editor. The Editor makes a copy and mails the original to the authors. When the Editor is satisfied that the authors have addressed all of the Managing Editor's concerns, the Editor mails a copyright form to the authors. When the copyright form is signed by all authors and received by the Editor, the manuscript is in press.

In-text citations: These are formatted as follows:

        Books and articles: With one or two authors, cite as (Fine & Howard, 2008). With three authors, cite as (Howard, Fine, & Howard, 2008) the first time and (Howard et al., 2008) in subsequent citations to the same work. With four or more authors, always cite as (Howard et al., 2008).

       Court cases: Cite as Fine v. Howard (2008).

       Unpublished material such as telephone interviews: These require no citations, as they cannot be accessed by our journal's readers.

References: These should list all authors, as follows:

       Books: Howard, M., Fine, L., & Howard, C. 2008. Uncivil warriors.Cambridge, UK: Cambridge University Press.

       Articles: Howard, M., Fine, L., & de Rita, C. J. 2008. Have rocket will travel. Journal of Workplace Rights, 13: 255-274.

       Book chapters: Howard, M., Fine, L., & Howard, S. 2008. Rip, sew, and stitch. In M. Howard, L. Fine, & J. Besser (Eds.), Pies and guys: 101-150. Cambridge, MA: Harvard University Press.

       Conference presentations: Dobson, J.J. 1996. Business, organizational behavior, and the Three Stooges. Paper presented at the annual meeting of the American Academy of Business and Behavioral Sciences, Las Vegas.

       Web-based material: Radio Left Review. 2008. Three Stooges play Baghdad. Retrieved from, March 2008.

       Court cases: Comedy III Productions v. Gary Saderup, Inc. 2001. 25 Cal. 4th 387.

Authors will receive twenty complimentary reprints of their published articles. Additional copies may be ordered.

Journal of Workplace Rights

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