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International Journal of Health Services
Instructions to Authors
The following instructions have been devised to ensure the fastest possible publication of articles submitted to the International Journal of Health Services. Manuscripts that are not prepared in accordance with these standards will be returned to authors for revision. Articles submitted for publication become the property of the Journal and will not be returned to authors. Before articles are accepted for publication, authors are required to transfer copyright to Baywood Publishing Company.

           Vicente Navarro, M.D.
           International Journal of Health Services
           J.H.U. Bloomberg School of Public Health, Dept HPM
           624 North Broadway, Room 448 Hampton House
           Baltimore, Maryland 21205 (U.S.A.)

The manuscript must be prepared as follows:
  • double-spaced throughout, including abstract, text, notes, references, and tables
  • margins of 1˝ inches, left and right, top and bottom
  • minimum 12 point font
  • begin page numbering on the first page of text
  • length of text should not exceed 30 pages, with approximately 225 words per page
  • author's last name must appear in upper right corner of each page
  • all figures black and white NO COLOR
Please advise the Editorial Office of any change of address after the paper has been accepted for publication.

Arrange the manuscript as follows:
  • Cover sheet: title of article; names of all authors; corresponding author's complete mailing address, telephone number, and e-mail address; date of submission. If any portion presented elsewhere, any necessary permission(s) for reprinting must be submitted with the manuscript.
  • Title page: title of article; full name of all authors; date of submission
  • Biographic sketch for each author (professional background), 200 words maximum
  • Abstract of article, 200 words maximum
  • Running head (shortened version of title, 40 characters or less)
  • Text (body of article)
  • Acknowledgments
  • Footnotes
  • References
  • Tables
  • Figure captions
  • Figures (black and white—NO COLOR)
Further details are given below. The best guide to style is to consult a recent copy of the Journal.

BIOGRAPHIC SKETCH Submit in paragraph form, typed double-spaced, approximately 100 words in length. Do not send a Curriculum Vitae. Provide specific information: present position; past positions; academic degrees, with dates and names of institutions; important publications; research interests. Submit a biography for each author, one per page, 200 words maximum.

FOOTNOTES Keep footnotes to a minimum (no more than 4 for a 20-page article). Whenever possible, incorporate information within the text rather than a footnote. Do not use footnotes for citing references. Type footnotes double-spaced on a separate page following the body of the manuscript. Number footnotes consecutively throughout the manuscript. Number footnotes in text with arabic numerals typed above, as¹ etc.

REFERENCES Reference list should include only works cited in the article. Do not include note (substantive) material. It is the author's responsibility to verify that all references are accurate and complete since they cannot be verified in the Editorial Office.

Cite references consecutively in the text in numerical order. Reference numbers should be online, in parentheses, directly after the material cited, e.g., (1). If the same source is cited more than once and different page numbers are used each time, use the original reference number in each case and give the page numbers after the reference number, e.g., (15, pp. 64–67). Unpublished data, personal communications (giving year as well as source), Internet sources, and materials in press should also be listed as references.

Type references double-spaced both within and between entries on a separate page following the body of the text. Follow the examples provided herein exactly for sequence of data, capital and lowercase letters, punctuation, and use of italics. Use one author et al. for more than 3 authors:

Journal references Use latest Cumulated Index Medicus for journal name abbreviations. Supply doi (digital object identifier) where available.

1. Weinerman, E. R. Patients' perceptions of group medical care. Am. J. Public Health 54:880–889, 1964, doi.

2. Smith, A. B., Cohen, D. E, and Lopez, A.-R. Postwar health systems in Europe. Int. J. Health Serv. 12:45–67, 1982, doi.

3. Smith, A. B., et al. Health systems in Europe: Postwar comparisons. Int. J. Health Serv. 12:45–67, 1982, doi.

Book references Supply doi where available.

2. Marmor, T. The Politics of Medicare. Aldine, Chicago, 1970.

3. Jone, T. and Smith J. (eds.). Interesting Book. City, Publisher, 2006.

Chapter in an edited book

3. Brotherston, J. H. F., and Forwell, G. D. Planning of health services and the health team. In The Theory and Practice of Public Health, Ed. 3, ed. W. Hobson. Oxford University Press, London, 1959.

Other types of references Supply doi where available.

Newspaper/magazine articles

4. Longman, P. Justice between generations. Atlantic Monthly, June 1985, pp. 73–81, doi.

Government publications

5. National Center for Health Statistics. Health United States, 1987. DHHS Publication No. (PHS) 88-1232, doi. U.S. Government Printing Office, Washington, DC, 1988.

Paper presented at a meeting

6. Gurfield, R. M. Quantitative Measures for Outpatient Care. Paper presented at the Annual Meeting of the Institute for Management Science, Los Angeles, May 1, 1971.
Unpublished reports/personal communications/interviews

7. Dada, M., et al. A Risk Analysis of the Medicare Prospective Payment System. Unpublished working paper. College of Business Administration, University of Illinois at Chicago, December 1988.

8. Smith, J. Personal communication, July 9, 1988.

9. Brown, C. Interview with the author. London, August 3, 1999.

Internet sources

For document available on website (the date you accessed the source should be included in parentheses at the end of the reference):

10. BUPA. BUPA Health Screening: Choose a Healthier Future. 2000. (December 23, 2000).

For article in online periodical:

11. Bradford, S. Cheapest health insurance found out west., December 7, 2004, doi.

Legal references
12. Silkwood v. Kerr-McGee, 667 F.2d 908 (10 Cir. 1981).

TABLES Cite tables with introductory remarks in the text where appropriate and indicate their placement in the right margin next to the text citation. Type each table on a separate sheet and number consecutively with arabic numerals. Place all tables at the end of the manuscript following the references; do not integrate them with the text. Double-space all tables.

Each table should be understandable as a distinct entity and should not depend on the accompanying text. Titles should include a complete description of the subject covered, including time frame and population treated.

Do not insert down (vertical) rules or horizontal rules in the body of the tables. Rules should be placed only around the column heads at the top of the table and at the end of the table. The source of the data should be given as the first note under the table body
(Source: . . .) . All other table footnotes should be indicated by superior lowercase lettersª and listed after the source note.

FIGURES AND FIGURE CAPTIONS Figures should be professionally drafted and submitted as 8 x 10" black and white printout. DO NOT SUBMIT COLOR FIGURES. DO NOT SUBMIT FIGURES THAT WILL NOT REPRODUCE WELL, IN B&W, ON THE JOURNAL PAGE. The figure number and names of authors should be lightly marked in pencil on the back of each figure, and if there is any doubt regarding the configuration of the figure, please mark "top" where appropriate. A photocopy of each figure should also be attached to each manuscript.

All parts of the figure, including labels, should be large and distinct enough to allow substantial reduction without loss in clarity.

Figure captions, legends, titles, and sources should not appear in the figure but should be typed double-spaced on a separate sheet. Figures should be completely clear and (together with legends) self-explanatory.

Cite figures with introductory remarks in the text where appropriate, and indicate their placement in the right margin next to the text citation.

Authors will receive fifty complimentary reprints of their published article.
Additional reprints may be ordered.

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