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Deadly Documents: Technical Communication, Organizational Discourse, and the Holocaust—Lessons from the Rhetorical Work of Everyday Texts
Mark Ward Sr.
     Clothbound list price: $64.95 + p&h
     Pre-publication offer: $55.20 + p&h

     Paperbound list price: $51.95 + p&h
     Pre-publication offer: $44.15 + p&h

Legal Issues in Global Contexts: Perspectives on Technical Communication in an International Age
Editors: Kirk St.Amant and Martine Courant Rife
     Clothbound list price: $59.95 + p&h
     Pre-publication offer: $50.95 + p&h

     Paperbound list price: $50.95 + p&h
     Pre-publication offer: $43.30 + p&h

The Financial and Economic Crises and Their Impact on Health and Social Well-Being
Editors: Vicente Navarro and Carles Muntaner
     Clothbound list price: $89.00 + p&h
     Pre-publication offer: $75.65 + p&h

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