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Exploding Technical Communication: Workplace Literacy Hierarchies and Their Implications for Literacy Sponsorship
Dirk Remley
Within the framework of New Literacy Studies, this text highlights a historical case study of technical communication practices at a World War II arsenal where competing multimodal and print-linguistic literacy practices contributed to a catastrophic bomb accident, providing the impetus to change certain technical communication practices.
Clothbound list price: $54.95 + p&h
Paperbound list price: $46.95 + p&h

How the Brain Processes Multimodal Technical Instructions
Dirk Remley
This book develops a theoretical model that integrates concepts from multimodal rhetoric and neurobiology to understand multisensory cognition. The model is illustrated with case studies related to training and instruction, including media such as print, slide shows, videos, simulations, and hands-on training.
Clothbound list price: $54.95 + p&h
Paperbound list price: $46.95 + p&h

Business, Environment, and Society: Themes and Cases
Vesela R. Veleva
This book blends theory and practice to support courses in corporate social responsibility, business and society, and environmental management and sustainability. Based on extensive work with companies, the author offers engaging readings and teaching cases that address key challenges for business today—measurement, supply chain management, regulations, and stakeholder pressures.
Clothbound list price: $79.95 + p&h
Paperbound list price: $59.95 + p&h

The Other Kind of Funnies: Comics in Technical Communication
Han Yu
Through theoretical discussions and rich examples across cultures and times, the book recommends using the comics medium to create instructional, educational, outreach, and political communication. It provides conceptual and historical backgrounds on comics, discusses the appeals and limitations of comics-style technical communication, and theorizes effective and ineffective comics-style technical communication.
Clothbound list price: $67.95 + p&h Pre-publication offer: $57.75 + p&h
Paperbound list price: $49.95 Pre-publication offer: $42.45 + p&h

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