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Science and the Internet: Communicating Knowledge in a Digital Age
Editors: Alan G. Gross and Jonathon Buehl
Science and the Internet is a collection of essays that examine the ways in which the Internet is changing how scientific knowledge circulates both between scientists and to the general public.
Clothbound list price: $78.95 + p&h
Paperbound list price: $63.95 + p&h

Grandparenting in the United States:
Editors: Madonna Harrington Meyer and Ynesse Abdul-Malak
Grandparenting in the United States, edited by Madonna Harrington Meyer and Ynesse Abdul-Malak, showcases some of the most pressing topics related to the diversification of grandparenting today. Authors assess how grandparenting, and its impacts across generations, vary by key stratifying variables such as living arrangements, economic status, education, gender, race, and ethnicity.
Clothbound list price: $59.95 + p&h
Paperbound list price: $48.95 + p&h

Children, Adolescents and Death: Questions and Answers
Editors: Robert G. Stevenson and Gerry R. Cox
Discussions of death often begin with questions. Questions from children or adolescents may trigger fear of giving a “wrong” answer – one causing more harm than good. This book addresses death-related questions and the fears they may trigger. It examines understanding death, death education in schools, and techniques used in therapy.
Clothbound list price: $67.95 + p&h
Paperbound list price: $54.95 + p&h

Clergy Retirement: Every Ending a New Beginning for Clergy, Their Families, and Congregants
Rabbi Daniel A. Roberts and Dr. Michael Freidman
Fundamental to retirement is letting go of the past and building a new future. Striking a balance between loss and optimism is particularly challenging for clergy. This book concentrates on understanding the underlying upheaval, encouraging retirees to think through the process of making new meaning, and offering practical suggestions.
Clothbound list price: $52.95 + p&h
Paperbound list price: $32.95 + p&h

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