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A Cop Doc’s Guide to Understanding Terrorism as Human Evil: Healing from Complex Trauma Syndromes for Military, Police and Public Safety Officers and Their Families

Daniel Rudofossi
A Cop Doc’s perspective on the War on Terrorism, for military, police, and public safety officers and families, and any intelligent reader. Military and police/public safety complex trauma syndromes are tackled in the psychiatric-psychological background of Dr. Rudofossi’s ecological-ethological existential analytic treatment of combat syndromes of terrorism as human evil.
Clothbound list price: $58.95 + p&h
Paperbound list price: $49.95 + p&h

A Unified Theory of Information Design: Visuals, Text & Ethics

Nicole Amare and Alan Manning
A theory of information design and ethics, based on the semiotics of C. S. Peirce, is used to explain the major properties of visual communication in all its forms and provides a unifying description of grammatical text with a grammar of traditional visual elements: color, shape, texture, imagery, action signals, diagrams, charts, and tables.
Clothbound list price: $55.95 + p&h
Paperbound list price: $47.55 + p&h

Online Education 2.0: Evolving, Adapting, and Reinventing Online Technical Communication

Editors: Kelli Cargile Cook and Keith Grant-Davie
This edited collection explores the current state of higher education online (distance) technical communication instruction. Chapters examine how instructors and program administrators have innovated computer-assisted internet instruction to respond to changing post-secondary student needs and abilities, economic constraints, and new technologies.
Clothbound list price: $77.95 + p&h
Paperbound list price: $62.95 + p&h

Designing Texts: Teaching Visual Communication

Edited by Eva Brumberger and Kathryn Northcut
Designing Texts is an edited collection dedicated to teaching visual communication in non-visual disciplines, with a particular focus on the fields of technical and professional communication, rhetoric, and composition. The collection offers readers theoretically motivated, research-supported, classroom-tested insights on the teaching of visual communication.
Clothbound list price: $86.95 + p&h
Paperbound list price: $69.95 + p&h

Designing Web-Based Applications for 21st Century Writing Classrooms

Editors: George Pullman and Baotong Gu
The contributors discuss how professors of technical and professional writing have created or modified existing software to accommodate the needs of 21st century learners and suggest that "do-it-yourself" is an appropriate response to technical innovation because, in the time of internets, words are data and texts are communities.
Clothbound list price: $74.95 + p&h
Paperbound list price: $59.95 + p&h

Living, Loving and Loss: The Interplay of Intimacy, Sexuality and Grief

Edited by Brad DeFord and Richard B. Gilbert
The text frames, psychologically and spiritually, a range of topics on intimacy, sexuality, and grief—lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender issues; family relationships; illness and aging; and religious bases that have shaped our perspectives. Appropriate for undergraduate and graduate studies in thanatology; includes an extensive bibliography.
Clothbound list price: $59.95 + p&h
Paperbound list price: $50.95 + p&h

Adult Sibling Loss: Stories, Reflections and Ripples

Brenda J. Marshall
A narrative inquiry into the experiences of bereaved siblings. The author, a bereaved sibling herself, artfully weaves her story throughout, adding to the richness of the text. Readers are invited to reflect on the many ways siblings affect each other over the long term.
Clothbound list price: $39.95 + p&h
Paperbound list price: $33.95 + p&h

Rhetorical Accessability: At the Intersection of Technical Communication and Disability Studies

Editor: Lisa Meloncon
As the first text to bring the field of technical communication and disability studies into conversation with each other, this collection expands both fields by drawing attention to issues of accessibility, rhetoric, technology, usability, and ethics. It also offers new perspectives and theories advancing the research opportunities in both fields.
Clothbound list price: $69.95 + p&h
Paperbound list price: $55.95 + p&h

The Disenfranchised: Stories of Life and Grief When an Ex-Spouse Dies

Editor: Peggy Sapphire, with commentary provided by Shirley Scott
An anthology of nineteen, previously unpublished, first-person narratives that detail histories of disenfranchised grief following loss, as written by a surviving ex-spouse. Each narrative is accompanied by clinical commentary (including bibliography) reflecting the issues and patterns of disenfranchised grief.
Clothbound list price: $58.95 + p&h
Paperbound list price: $29.95 + p&h

Final Acts: The End of Life: Hospice and Palliative Care

Edited by Gerry R. Cox and Robert G. Stevenson
This book examines a change that has taken place in how people respond to the end of life. After coping through avoidance or denial, people have begun to address this time directly and seek to improve its quality. This book explores the roles of hospice and palliative care. These give quality to the end of life’s story…its Final Acts.
Clothbound list price: $59.95 + p&h
Paperbound list price: $50.95 + p&h

Suicide among the Armed Forces: Understanding the Cost of Service

Antoon A. Leenaars
An investigation, using individual case studies and general/population approaches, of the cost of military service—looking at the epidemic of suicides among active military personnel and veterans, the causes and patterns, the effects of military culture, historical comparisons, and comparisons between military and civilian suicides and between the United States and Canada.
Clothbound list price: $79.95 + p&h
Paperbound list price: $67.95 + p&h

Safety or Profit? International Studies in Governance, Change and the Work Environment

Edited by Theo Nichols and David Walters
A review of developments in the governance of occupational health and safety (OHS) in Australia, Canada, Sweden, the United Kingdom, and more generally; examines economic restructuring, precarious work, and gender issues; new governance theory, decriminalization of OHS, and the neoliberal agenda; and the continued failure to pursue evidence-based policy.
Clothbound list price: $62.95 + p&h
Paperbound list price: $53.95 + p&h

The Toxic Schoolhouse

Edited by Madeleine Kangsen Scammell and Charles Levenstein
A collection of articles on chemical and physical hazards experienced by students, teachers, and staff in the education system of the United States and Canada and efforts to prevent and mitigate such hazards.
Paperbound list price: $49.95 + p&h

ReaderCentric Writing for Digital Media—Theory and Practice

David Hailey
The book describes three kinds of writing on the Internet—user-centric, persuasion-centric, and quality-centric, of which the current model for evaluating content recognizes only user-centric—and provides a new rubric for evaluating (and writing) all three models.
Clothbound list price: $69.95 + p&h
Paperbound list price: $59.95 + p&h

Communicating Race, Ethnicity, and Identity in Technical Communication

Edited by Miriam F. Williams and Octavio Pimentel
This book moves the discussion of technical communication beyond issues of diversity in practice to include discussions of how race and ethnicity inform the production and distribution of technical communication in the United States.
Clothbound list price: $54.95 + p&h
Paperbound list price: $46.95 + p&h

Envisioning the Dream through Art and Science

Edited by Robert G. Kunzendorf and James Veatch
A collection of 100 digitally imaged dreams contributed by artists, who also completed personality questionnaires. Correlations between visual aspects of the digitized dreams and personality traits of the artists point to relationships observable in the digitized dreams but not discoverable in artists’ verbal descriptions of those dreams.
Clothbound list price: $68.95 + p&h
Paperbound list price: $58.95 + p&h

Sharing Our Intellectual Traces: Narrative Reflections from Administrators of Professional, Technical, and Scientific Communication Programs

Edited by Tracy Bridgeford, Karla Saari Kitalong and Bill Williamson
Academic administrators of professional/technical communication programs narrate their day-to-day challenges and solutions. Topics include institutional context, curriculum, program design/redesign, assessment, technology integration, and historical perspectives.
Clothbound list price: $54.95 + p&h
Paperbound list price: $46.95 + p&h

Deadly Documents: Technical Communication, Organizational Discourse, and the Holocaust—Lessons from the Rhetorical Work of Everyday Texts

Mark Ward Sr., Afterword by Steven B. Katz
Deadly Documents explores the role of texts in organizational processes. Rhetorical, visual, and discursive analyses of everyday Nazi documents show how texts functioned as “boundary objects” on which competing interests could project their own interpretations and temporarily collude in the Final Solution. Concluding chapters explore ethical implications for professional communication.
Clothbound list price: $64.95 + p&h
Paperbound list price: $51.95 + p&h

Legal Issues in Global Contexts: Perspectives on Technical Communication in an International Age

Editors: Kirk St.Amant and Martine Courant Rife
An overview of legal aspects that might lead to problems or confusion when individuals work in international settings. By examining the situation from various perspectives, the text provides an initial and relatively broad-based review of legal issues affecting professional communication practices in global contexts.
Clothbound list price: $59.95 + p&h
Paperbound list price: $50.95 + p&h

The Financial and Economic Crises and Their Impact On Health and Social Well-Being

Editors: Vicente Navarro and Carles Muntaner
This volume examines the complex links between recent changes in national economies, welfare regimes, social inequalities, and population health. Twenty-four articles selected from the International Journal of Health Services both challenge conventional approaches to population health and offer new insights and robust results that critically advance public health scholarship.
Clothbound list price: $89.00 + p&h
Paperbound list price: $74.95 + p&h

The Great Lawrence Textile Strike of 1912: New Scholarship on the Bread & Roses Strike

Editors: Robert Forrant and Jurg Siegenthaler
Thousands of mill workers went on strike in the immigrant city of Lawrence, MA, during the winter of 1912 and changed labor history. The authors discuss its history, dispel assumptions that the walkout, known as the Bread and Roses strike, was spontaneous, and make an argument for the importance of historical remembrance.
Clothbound list price: $63.95 + p&h
Paperbound list price: $49.95 + p&h

Business, Environment, and Society: Themes and Cases

Vesela R. Veleva
This book blends theory and practice to support courses in corporate social responsibility, business and society, and environmental management and sustainability. Based on extensive work with companies, the author offers engaging readings and teaching cases that address key challenges for business today—measurement, supply chain management, regulations, and stakeholder pressures.
Clothbound list price: $79.95 + p&h
Paperbound list price: $59.95 + p&h

Exploding Technical Communication: Workplace Literacy Hierarchies and Their Implications for Literacy Sponsorship

Dirk Remley
Within the framework of New Literacy Studies, this text highlights a historical case study of technical communication practices at a World War II arsenal where competing multimodal and print-linguistic literacy practices contributed to a catastrophic bomb accident, providing the impetus to change certain technical communication practices.
Clothbound list price: $54.95 + p&h
Paperbound list price: $46.95 + p&h

The Flowering of a Tradition: Technical Writing in England, 1641-1700

Elizabeth Tebeaux
Topics covered include Bacon’s group, the Greshamites, and the rise of technical writing; canons of plain style: sound, format, diction, syntax, and purpose; technical writing’s contribution to the English paragraph; print technology and evolution of practical text; history of instructions in shipbuilding and agriculture; and emergence and development of proposals and reports.
Clothbound list price: $74.95 + p&h
Paperbound list price: $59.95 + p&h

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