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A new book series!
The Journal of Applied Fire Science, edited by Paul R. DeCicco is pleased to announce a new book series, Applied Fire Science in Transition. The series begins with four monographs dealing in areas of interest to fire protection engineers and others concerned with the solution of current problems in fire safety analysis and design. Each volume includes a number of papers which have appeared in JAFS and which have been written by world authorities in their respective fields of applied fire science. The subjects addressed represent problems and issues of fire science and associated technologies that are currently very much in transition.

Volume I—The Behavior of Glass and Other Materials Exposed to Fire
Volume II—Evacuation from Fires
Volume III—Computer Applications in Fire Protection Engineering
Volume IV—Special Problems in Fire Protection Engineering

Sharing the Front Line and the Back Hills: International Protectors and Providers: Peacekeepers, Humanitarian Aid Workers and the Media in the Midst of Crisis
Edited by Yael Danieli
"Sharing the Front Line and the Back Hills is a unique and well-balanced compilation of first-hand accounts of those brave individuals who are on the front lines in the atrocity zones providing humanitarian relief and reporting mass crimes. The wide range of experiences recorded in this book provides a reality check for policy-makers and for those who may think that humanitarian work can be undertaken without personal cost. This is must reading for everyone deploying to the field to alleviate and report human suffering, and for government officials who need to understand what is truly at stake."
David Scheffer, former U.S. Ambassador at Large for War Crimes Issues

Social Support: Reflection of Humanity
Edited by John D. Morgan
"Jack Morgan and his colleagues focus with laser accuracy on our cultures' need to embrace and support all persons when finally, in their life's journeys, they are called upon to become vulnerable. It is in our care that we in turn are then cared for, together patient and care giver then discover the intent of creation. This is a very important book for all persons who seek to be there one for another."
Robert J. Campbell, D.Min., DD

How to Write Comforting Letters to the Bereaved: A Simple Guide for a Delicate Task
John D. Haley
How to Write Comforting Letters to the Bereaved guides readers through the delicate task of penning their thoughts and emotions to friends or family members suffering the loss of a loved one.

Friendgrief: An Absence Called Presence
Harold Ivan Smith
In a society that disenfranchises grief, how does an individual grieve thoroughly for a friend? Historically, friends support the chief mourner and family members. Friends are told that their grief must not compete with or overshadow the grief of the family. This "family first" expectation motivates many friends to ignore their own grief and the needs of others in the friendorbit to concentrate on the needs of family members. Smith argues that friends may be so busy doing grief that they fail to honor their own grief.

Barry Commoner's Contribution to the Environmental Movement: Science and Social Action
Edited by David Kriebel
Few people have made greater contributions to protecting and improving the environment than the scientist, teacher, activist Dr. Barry Commoner. This book provides fascinating insights into the life and work of one of the twentieth century's most influential scientists and social activists. Chapters contributed by Ralph Nader, Tony Mazzocchi, Peter Montague, and others cover many of Dr. Commoner's major contributions to modern environmental science and activism. This book is an invaluable guide, not only to Dr. Commoner's life and work, but also to the entire history of the modern environmental movement

Health Care & Spirituality: Listening, Assessing, Caring
Edited by Rev. Richard B. Gilbert
Until now, most of the literature pertaining to spirituality/religion and health care had been limited to professional pastoral publications. Health Care & Spirituality brings together the many patient types, issues, and needs embracing each one with spiritual and religious awareness and commitment. Health Care & Spirituality is intended for all involved in the health care delivery system, not just chaplains. The important issues contained within, are equally important to board members, administrators, physicians, counselors, therapists, social workers, nurses, technicians, dieticians, patient advocates, managers, financial officers, housekeepers…everyone and anyone involved in the care of patients and their loved ones.

Nobody's Child: How Older Women Say Goodbye to Their Mothers
Diane Lutovich
Nobody’s Child examines the intensity of the mother-daughter bond and focuses on the way middle-aged children recall the relationships with their mothers. The author offers a chance for daughters to see their mothers clearly, to honor their mother’s lives and live their own remaining years with authenticity, open to new possibilities.

Complicated Grieving and Bereavement: Understanding and Treating People Experiencing Loss
Edited by Gerry R. Cox, Robert A. Bendiksen and Robert G. Stevenson
This book offers twenty-one chapters that cover a range of topics including the use of humor, music, puppeteering, drama, family systems, spiritual care, and support groups as practical suggestions and aids to those managing complicated grief in the face of traumatic death.

The Political Economy of Social Inequalities: Consequences for Health and Quality of Life
Edited by Vicente Navarro
In the last two decades of the 20th century, we witnessed a dramatic growth in social inequalities within and among countries. This has had a most negative impact on the health and quality of life of large sectors of the populations in the developed and underdeveloped world. This volume analyzes the reasons for this increase in inequalities and its consequences for the well-being of populations. Scholars from a variety of disciplines and countries analyze the different dimensions of this topic.

Handbook of Therapeutic Imagery Techniques
Edited by Anees A. Sheikh
Imagery has risen to become one of the hottest issues in both clinical and experimental cognitive psychology. The Handbook of Therapeutic Imagery Techniques consists primarily of a description of a multitude of imagery techniques. These approaches have been loosely grouped into four major categories: hypno-behavioral, cognitive-behavioral, psychodynamic/humanistic and humanistic/transpersonal.

For the Living: Coping, Caring and Communicating with the Terminally Ill
Mark Golubow
Rarely heard about in our society are caregivers’ thoughts and feelings about life, death, and dying and how they act on those feelings. For the Living: Coping, Caring and Communicating with the Terminally Ill provides an in-depth, qualitative look at the experiences of oncology healthcare professionals as they work with terminally ill patients.

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