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Online Access Activation Instructions
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Why Should I Register?
  • Registering is simple and free.
  • All we need to know is your name, e-mail address, and a username and password of your choice.
  • Registered users can access the advanced features of this site.
  • Features such as Alerting, Favorites, and Active Search can be accessed only by individually registered users.
  • Subscription information is saved.
  • When you make purchases as a registered user, your order history is saved from session to session at this site.
  • We will also keep information in your shopping cart from session to session so that you have access to items placed in your shopping cart during a previous session.

How to Register

  • Simply go to
    On the right side of the homepage is a box with the option to Login. Scroll down to and click on the "Register" button. This links you to the next page. You will be registering for either an Institution or an Individual. Click the "Register" button next to "Institution" or "Individual" and complete the information in the appropriate fields. Please note that when registering for an Institution you will be able to enter IP ranges and addresses for IP authentication.
  • When you click on "Continue," you will automatically be logged in and receive a MetaPress ID number. This number is simply for identification purposes and will be useful if you need to contact the MetaPress Support Desk,
Activating your Baywood Online Journal Access
(You must be registered to do this.)

Once you have registered with MetaPress and have received the page that displays your MetaPress ID, click on "Continue" to return to the Baywood homepage. Once on the homepage, click on "Activate Access" found on the left toolbar. This brings up a page with a box for you to enter your activation code.

If you are registering for an institution as the Administrator, it's important that you use the drop down menu in the "Activate Access For" box and Activate Access for the institution and not yourself. When you activate the access activation number, you will also need to select Baywood Publishing as your access activation service. Enter your Access Activation Code in the field, including the hyphens, then click on "Activate Access," to the right of this field. You will receive a message that indicates you have successfully activated your online journal access and you will have immediate access to your Baywood electronic subscription. If you encounter any difficulty, please contact the MetaPress Support Desk:

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Q. I am having difficulty logging in
A. Ensure you have registered. Simply go to and click on "Register"
A. The username and Password fields are case sensitive. Verify you have entered your information as was entered upon registration. If you still have difficulty please contact

Q. I am entering my Access Activation code and I am denied access.
A. Verify you are entering your "Access Activation Code" , not the "Metapress I.D." number. If you still have difficulty please contact

Q. I am entering my Metapress I.D. # and I am denied access.
A. Your Metapress I.D. number is a unique number assigned to you for use if you need to contact Metapress. It does not need to be entered in any field. If you still have difficulty please contact

Q. I have registered and logged in correctly but can not read the full text
A. Baywood's Journal's are electronically downloaded using Adobe Acrobat Reader Version5.0. If you do not already have it installed, go to You will then be able to read the articles full text. If you still have difficulty please contact

Q. I have received an error message that reads, "page can not be displayed" or "can not find server"
A. Clear your cache and re-open a new browser. If you still have difficulty please contact

Q. I am having difficulty Activating my access
A. Verify you have been registered. Once you have registered click on "Activate Access" from the left menu and enter in your "Access Activation Code" in the text field next to "Access Activation Code", then click on the "Activate Access" button. If you still have difficulty please contact

Q. I am having difficulty entering an IP range
A. Omit this step of the registration and send the Support Desk your range at

Q. I subscribe to more than one Journal, do I have to register for each Journal?
A. No. You do not need to register individually for every on line Journal. One Metapress ID number allows access to over 70 Metapress websites. You do need to use a separate "Access Activation Code" for access to each Journal you subscribe to. If you still have difficulty please contact

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