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NEW SOLUTIONS: A Journal of Environmental and Occupational Health Policy
Editor: Craig Slatin

Please note that effective December 5, 2014, SAGE Publications will be the publisher of NEW SOLUTIONS: A Journal of Environmental and Occupational Health Policy. Please go to to renew your subscription, or send inquiries regarding SAGE published journals, such as general inquiries, purchases, gratis copies, etc., to Customers may also call SAGE’s Customer Service department between the hours of 6AM and 5PM Pacific Standard Time at 1-800-818-7243.

At the intersection of  health, work, and the environment stands New Solutions—the only journal that attempts to both define the issues and offer perspectives for change.

New Solutions’ voice is progressive, experienced, challenging. The quarterly’s contributors are scientists and policy-makers in academia and government, unionists on the shop floor, environmentalists in their many habitats, and activists on the streets, all well placed to see what works and what doesn’t in policy for sustainable development.

Walk their paths through the thicket of global problems in articles and commentary you won’t find elsewhere.


Starting with Volume 22 each issue will offer at least one open access article denoted by the eyeglass icon. Click here to view.

Special Issue:
This entire special issue is offered free of charge to all, courtesy of NIOSH / CDC. Click Volume 24, Number 3 / 2014.

Special Issue:
Scientific, Economic, Social, Environmental, And Health Policy Concerns Related To Shale Gas Extraction.
An important resource for the debates about "fracking". This entire special issue is offered free of charge to all. Click Volume 23, Number 1 / 2013.

Supplement Issue:
Controlling Health Hazards to Hospital Workers: A Reference Guide. A free report that describes over 30 health hazards to hospital workers and over 150 ways to avoid them. The Supplement is offered free of charge to all. Click Supplement.

New Solutions is the only journal you can read that explores the growing, changing common ground at the intersection of health, work, and the environment. The Journal makes plain how the issues in each area are interrelated and sets forth progressive, thoughtfully crafted public policy choices. It seeks a conversation on the issues between the grassroots labor and environmental activists and the professionals involved in charting society’s way forward with the understanding that lack of scientific knowledge is no excuse for doing nothing and that inaction is itself a choice.

New Solutions enhances the agenda of labor with knowledge from academia. In recognition of the globalization of health problems, environmental issues and economic activity, the Journal strives for an international focus. It investigates problems of occupational and environmental health with the people at risk—the workers and the community—uppermost in mind. And New Solutions takes the discussion beyond merely explaining the extent of hazard, the parameters of debate, and the limitations of scientific knowledge to offer actions—solutions—to deal with the dilemmas of workplace, community, and environmental threat.

Not since the 1930s has there been a journal that combines the voices of labor, community activists, and progressive academics. The kind of material published in this Journal often is ignored, overlooked, or merely nodded to by traditional and scientific media alike. Certainly none of them gives it the frame of reference that New Solutions delivers from both sides of the issues. New Solutions reports, describes, and analyzes developments in laboratories, legislatures, courts, and labor unions, from farmer’s fields and factory floors, from new Europe and the Third World.


Recently released and available online a special issue of NEW SOLUTIONS
Designing a Chemically Safer Future, Volume 21:3, Guest edited by Jessica Schifano, JD, MPH
A project sponsored by the Lowell Center for Sustainable Production

The issue advances a bold new vision and approach to solving the problem of toxic chemicals and their adverse impacts. The twelve articles bring together leading voices from academia, labor, environmental and public health organizations, and businesses to highlight the widely agreed-upon need for the development and use of safer chemicals in our modern society. The authors illustrate how forward-thinking organizations are already successfully working toward this objective by changing policy, shifting markets, building new coalitions, and transforming science.

Click here to view the Table of Contents and read the article abstracts.

this just in . . . The Drive for a Safer Chemical Policy in the United States,
has been named Best Paper of the Year by APHA's Occupational Health and Safety Section, receiving the highly acclaimed APHA Scientific Research Award.
Congratulations to author Michael Belliveau!

New Solutions is written for both the academic and educated lay audience. Its intention is earnest: to affect the public health policy discussion and shake up the policy debate. Your subscription will give you a window on practical proposals for protecting health. You’ll get an analytical, action-oriented perspective. Its commentary is timely, incisive—and critically important. New Solutions is destroying the pigeonholes that contain certain kinds of health problems and, in their place, erecting bridges that link communities by the way they approach and deal with their problems. Those links build movements. You’re not going to find this kind of approach anywhere else. Join us.

David May, retired OSHA Area Director for NH states, "I firmly believe that New Solutions is an important journal in the field of occupational health. I have relied on New Solutions for many years to keep me apprised of important original research and critical reviews. New Solutions fills a void concerning social aspects of occupational health and other health-related workplace issues that simply are not found elsewhere."

Glorian Sorensen of the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute in Boston, states, "This is an important step in advancing the significance and value of articles published New Solutions in the biomedical journal literature. I rely on the Index Medicus/MEDLINE database as an important resource that informs my research, and would very much like to see this Journal represented here. I believe the scientific merit of this Journal's content is clearly in line with other journals already listed in Index Medicus and clearly warrants inclusion."

Dr. David Wegman of the University of Massachusetts Lowell's School of Health and Environment writes, "The occupational and environmental health policy journal, New Solutions, has filled a critical need for a comprehensive and systematic evaluation of public policy as it relates to the environment both within the US and internationally. The Journal is unique in the range and nature of cross-national comparative studies as well as the in-depth focus on the impact of public policy on health of the environment and of the workforce….In my estimation this Journal's consistently high quality, managed effectively through its peer review process, warrants acceptance for listing in the Library of Medicine's database, Index Medicus/MEDLINE. To do so would provide a wide international user group (health care practitioners, administrators, researchers, students in the field of occupational and environmental health) with an important resource about which many are unaware."

Mark G. Robson, PhD, MPH, ATS, Chairman-Environmental and Occupational Health writes, "I have found New Solutions to be especially important in getting some of the grassroots and community-based data in press. For example, we were funded under an NIEHS Environmental Justice grant, one of the initial studies we did was a look at field conditions on the Texas-Mexican border. Our community partners used the article we published to go to Congress and ask for additional aid for the areas highlighted in the survey and the publication."

Garrett Brown, MPH, CIH of the Maquiladora Health & Safety Support Network states, "One of the aspects that sets New Solutions apart is its unique mix of scholarly research with reports and analysis on very practical experiences in the field. What is reflected in the pages of the journal is not just outstanding research, but also the invaluable lessons learned in applying cutting-edge knowledge in the field. New Solutions has provided a forum for exchanging experiences and evaluating strategies for professionals and non-professional alike who are engaged in protecting the health of workers and the environment."

Ellen Rosskam, Ph.D., MPH, Senior Work Security Specialist, Socio-Economic Security Programme, International Labour Office (ILO) writes, "I read the Journal regularly, and promote it amongst colleagues in the International Labour Office. I find that the Journal consistently contains important and high-quality articles. The articles and research findings found in this Journal differ from those of any other journal addressing occupational and environmental health - those found in New Solutions are more in-depth, are consistently policy-oriented, and contain journal sections designed to reach different audiences who need research evidence for engaging in policy level debates. This Journal occupies a unique niche in our field and I strongly support all requests to have the journal indexed through the NLM….This Journal provides the sole forum for specialists in our field to extend research findings to the policy debate level."

Marianne P. Brown, MPH, Associate, UCLA-Labor Occupational Safety and Health Program, says, "New Solutions is unique in that it is the only peer-reviewed journal I am aware of, in my twenty-eight years in this field, which includes perspectives of public health scientists, environmentalists and trade union activists. Furthermore, the Journal includes many important articles of original research along with others that examine the ethical, philosophical, and social aspects of issues in our field. In fact, it is a stellar publication which critically examines the policy implications of its findings and of current challenges facing the biomedical and public health professionals in the areas of occupational and environmental health."

Zsuzsanna Fuzesi, MD PhD, Associate Professor of Medical Sociology, University of Pecs, Hungary and Director of Fact Institute of Applied Social Sciences writes from abroad, "New Solutions is a worldwide used important resource that informs health care practitioners and professionals, educators, administrators, and students in the field of occupational and environmental health. This policy journal offers reports of original research, statistical analysis, critical reviews, description of methods and case reports with discussions which are very important for the countries in Central and Eastern Europe too. Inclusion of New Solutions in the IndexMedicus/MEDLINE database would promote the journal to the broadest possible audience."

James L. Weeks, ScD, CIH, Senior Scientist, Advanced Technologies & Laboratories International, Inc., Germantown, MD and senior editor: Preventing Occupational Disease and Injury, 2nd Ed., American Public Health Association, 2004 writes, "The practice of occupational and environmental health is thoroughly multidisciplinary. It is a practice in which scientific findings have to be understood and interpreted in light of legal, economic, and social issues in order for intervention to be effective. This process of integration requires careful and systematic study and the journal New Solutions is one of few journals that takes this as its principal mission. It fills a vital niche in this practice. It is scientifically rigorous, has a well qualified editorial board including many well respected practitioners in the field, and has published seminal reports on a variety of topics."

Dr. Benedetto Terracini, Professor of Cancer Epidemiology and Scientific Editor of Epidemiologia e Prevenzione (the official journal of the Italian Association of Epidemiology) writes, "The inclusion of New Solutions in the MEDLINE database would make life much easier to the users, which include health care practitioners and professionals and occupational and environmental health researchers, educators, administrators, and students…..It is an unequalled source of information related to health experiences of working people and community members. It publishes critical reviews and research related to ethical issues of health, safety and the environment that many journals do not cover. It assists community and workplace health and safety practitioners to perform their jobs better by helping them understand the communities that they serve. The research offered in New Solutions also provides an important context for the conduct of epidemiologic and toxicologic studies."

Professor Jonny Myers, Director of the Occupational & Environmental Health Research Unit at the University of Cape Town, South Africa says, "The journal has long been a source of important evidence for the interface between scientific and epidemiological research and action to shape policy on occupational and environmental health. We use it extensively in our teaching and members of our unit see it as an important and high quality journal for publication of their research findings…Particularly for scientists from developing countries who need a forum for debate on policies affecting occupational and environmental health in the context of globalization…Accreditation through the NLM database would be an important incentive for institutional support in terms of academic subsidy."

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The archive—
This impressive collection of electronic, fully searchable pdf's spans 8 years beginning with Volume 1, 1990, through Volume 8, 1998; it comprises 32 issues, 409 articles, and over 3,000 pages. The collection may be purchased outright for the low price of $638.00*, or may be received as part of an enhanced subscription for just $64.00/year over the current subscription rate. The outright purchase is a truly remarkable value for this quality and quantity of content—for over 3,000 pages, the breakdown is just 21 cents per page!

This extensive resource collection covers all the developments and trends in the field as they originated and evolved; an unsurpassed treasure trove of information at one's fingertips! We encourage you to examine this extensive resource collection; all article abstracts from the collection are free to read.

*Plus $25.00 annual hosting fee.

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For those with an interest in greening industry
Occasionally an issue comes along that warrants exception . . .
Green Jobs, Green Recovery Guest Editor Jim Young
NEW SOLUTIONS Volume 19 (2) may be purchased as a single issue without a full subscription.
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A joint publication of the University of Massachusetts Lowell  (for additional information, see and Baywood Publishing, New Solutions delivers authoritative responses to perplexing problems, with a worker’s voice, an activist’s commitment, a scientist’s approach, and a policy-maker’s experience.

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NEW SOLUTIONS: A Journal of Environmental and Occupational Health Policy is a peer refereed journal.

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